Selecting The Right Shower Stall For Your Home

Shower booths come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and materials. While the most popular remains the simple fiberglass enclosure, there are many combinations of colors and accessories available that can be customized to exactly fit your needs and decorating scheme.

Some of the elements to consider when selecting a shower stall are:


Does anyone in your household have mobility requirements? There are many affordable and easy-to-install handicapped accessibility options. Some of the possible features include a door access that is level with the floor and has no lip, fold-down seats or benches within the shower, as well as handles and safety bars.


The three main choices are tile, fiberglass, and glass. Fiberglass is the least expensive and has the advantage of being available in many different shades and textures to match the décor of the rest of your bathroom. Tile is also an extremely popular option. Classic ceramic tiles are an affordable and easy to clean choice. For a more sophisticated look, consider marble, glass, or mini mosaic tiles. You can look for glass walls in frosted, tinted, or clear options. This adds a very elegant and modern look to the space.


Showers are available in corner, enclosed, or standalone designs. Corner showers maximize the existing space in a bathroom. They can be either square or curved or with a multi-sided base to increase the floor area. Enclosed showers, also known as frameless showers, have solid walls on three of the sides. Standalone shower stalls are harder to install because they frequently require the plumbing to be rerouted. However, they are a flexible option that can work with any room layout.

Quick and Easy Maintenance for Shower Stalls


Fiberglass showers require routine maintenance and monthly deep cleaning. Make sure you use products designed for that material and avoid scouring devices. You can DIY a natural cleaning scrub with vinegar and baking soda. Borax, lemon, or a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water can be used to lift tough stains or yellowing.


Tile is easier to keep clean than fiberglass and less likely to have mold or discoloration. Products like OxyClean are good for removing tough stains, and basic household bleach can be used for everyday cleaning. Periodically check all the grout lines between the tiles to make sure they are intact and that no water is leaking underneath into the wall space.


Glass is the easiest material of all to keep clean. Simply spray on a commercial glass cleaner and wipe off any stains or discoloration. One downside of glass is that it is frequently attached by a metal frame, so keep a look out for any signs of rusting.