Colorful Shower Curtains Add Pizzazz to Your Bathroom

The bathroom is often the most neglected of all rooms in a house or apartment.  Many of them are gray and dreary with few colors, some very basic furniture, and less than unique shower curtains.

Bathrooms in a single family home, nevertheless, sport better designs and more innovative layouts than their cousins in apartments buildings. However, even the bathrooms in a home or condominium frequently show little imagination and creativity. They are the prime candidates for bathroom remodeling from scratch.

It makes sense to remodel the bathrooms in your house or condominium from scratch. After all, you will likely stay in the home for several years. Spending big money on bathroom remodeling is, therefore, a good investment.

Bathrooms in apartments and rental units are an entirely different story. They are most likely of the ‘cookie cutter’ variety. With purely utilitarian designs that are boring and difficult to improve. Their looks and appearance are closer related to the bathrooms in motels or cheap hotels than to a bathroom in a family home. Any serious money you spend on remodeling bathrooms in a rental unit is forever lost. For you, not for the owner of the unit.

Fortunately, you can spruce up that boring run of the mill bath in your rental unit without spending yourself into the poorhouse.

Colors and colorful accessories are the keys to successful bathroom improvements that do not break the bank. New, striking colors added to a moldy, tired bathroom, its shower stall, and furniture items will make it look like a brand new, inviting place.

Just think of what strikes your eye first when you enter a bathroom and look at the shower? The shower curtain, of course. Many are plain opaque white, often stained by soap and water residue and look like they have been there for centuries. That’s a turnoff.

Why not throw out that disgusting, old curtain and replace it with a modern, colorful, unique shower curtain? They are inexpensive, compared to a bathroom remodel. They also come in exciting new styles, with fancy striking designs, and bright, attractive colors. And even the fanciest of these striking new curtains are not that much more expensive than a standard, dull shower curtain.

Any seller of home goods offers literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ornate and very colorful shower curtains and other bathroom accessories. Visit the website of just about any online retailer of home goods and browse their vast selections of unique shower curtains, bath mats, and eye-catching, colorful accessories.

Carefully selected unique shower curtains and bath accessories from their enormous collections with a matching new color scheme on the walls make your shower and bath spectacular and the envy of your friends. For very little money.