Decorating Ideas For The Bathroom Renovation

While a bathroom is not the place to experiment with new decorating ideas, you can incorporate your existing style into your new space with bathroom decor. Add a new toilet paper holder to the wall or buy a stylish wicker toilet paper holder to place on the floor, you can check the design of the renovation or inquire at Orilla Renovations and Puslinch Renovations. Match your wicker toilet paper holder with your vanity, toothbrush trays, and wastebasket. For extra space on the counter, place a decorative vase with fresh flowers or artwork.

Consider using old and vintage items as decor in your bathroom. Repurpose your grandmother’s old saucer as a soap dish. Display your favorite items on shelves or washstands. A vintage bowl or teacup can serve as a soap dish, while a vase of flowers can be a beautiful display. A new towel rack can also make a dramatic statement. Your bathroom can be a reflection of your personal style and taste.

If you have limited wall space, a skylight can add more light to the bathroom. If you have limited wall space, adding a skylight is a great way to open up the room. A skylight can also brighten up a space that may not have as much natural light as you would like. To complete your bathroom, consider using a tile rug. A tile rug can add color and pattern to the room, while a carpet can add warmth.

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