Add a Room Extension Without Adding the Room

When you use clear blinds, you can expand your outdoor space and blend it in with your interior. Clear PVC blinds enable you to enjoy the great outdoors and stay protected at the same time. Whether it rains, hails, or blows up a storm, you can enjoy your outdoor living space. These kinds of blinds are available in various mechanisms and designs.

Why PVC Blinds Are Preferred

Clear PVC blinds are suitable for use at eating establishments and for patio areas or verandas. All the blinds can be custom-built to your preferences and specifications. Again, only the highest quality mechanisms and materials are used in the construction of the blinds.

Channel Systems

One of the designs used for this type of installation is the channel system. This heavy-duty alfresco blind features multiple head box options and can be crank-operated or motorised. The blind is ideal for larger and wider spans as the material is cupped by an aluminium side channel, thereby permitting the fabric to expand and contract in accordance with the temperature. With this construction, the fabric will not pull on the side zips and tapes, which makes it extra sturdy.

A Vertical Screen System Design

Clear PVC blinds in Melbourne are also offered in a vertical screen system that is especially suited for alfresco enclosures. You can choose a crank-operated design, a motorised system, or a fast-action spring system construction. This type of PVC blind features a number of head box options and full powder coat selections, thereby making it suitable for a number of external applications.

Other Options

You can also find blind applications that are made of marine-grade materials. Cleaners are also available that are especially designed to protect and clean a PVC blind or awning. In addition, some blinds highlight a vertical screen that supports a side spline fit. Multiple head box options and various fixing alternatives make this type of blind suitable for a variety of configurations. The blind, which can be operated by remote control, crank, or a spring-loaded design, is ideal for enclosing an alfresco area or shading a window in high-wind locales.

Blinds Can Be Tinted

You can choose blinds that are clear for smaller openings. A clear or tinted blind system will protect your outdoor area from both wind and rain. Its high-tech solar fabric supplies UV protection as well. The blinds, which come in a large range of quality materials, guarantee both strength and wind resistance when they are installed around a patio or at a commercial facility. The taut and flat surface of the blinds is also ideal for corporate signage.

PVC blinds are beneficial as they offer privacy and solar reflection and reduce the risk of fire. They are easy to clean and feature no weights or chains, which can be a safety hazard around children. You also won’t have any problems with warping or twisting. Using this type of premium installation is as practical as it is aesthetic. Review your options today online.